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An environmental folk opera on the fascinating topic of tree communication.

Eden Project May 2018

Einstein's Garden, Green Man Festival 2017 (Pilot)


Unsung Heroes of The Planet is an opera created around the incredible fact that trees can communicate through an internet of fungus. The audience journeys deep beneath the soil and discovers the ecosystem as we follow three extraordinary organisms on a quest to reconnect with the forest. A fascinating and eclectic adventure, told through physical theatre, opera and spoken word.

In May 2018 it was the first opera to be performed at the Eden Project, reaching 8000 people over 4 days. The project was part of Julie’s Bicycle’s Season for Change.

Composer: Cameron Dodds

Librettist/Director: Ruth Mariner

Walkabout Director: Sophie Austin

Design: Christine Bach

Research collaborators: Eden's Scientists + Lynne Boddy, Emma Gilmartin, David Johnson.

'Hosting Unsung Heroes of the Planet at the Eden Project was a beautiful reflection of some of the Invisible Worlds themes. It must be one of my favourite cultural performances during my 10 years at Eden. Fun, risky and irreverent mixed with slick world-class performance. A highlight of the opening season of our new Invisible Worlds Exhibition.'

                                                                                 — Gabriella Gilkes, Events Manager, The Eden Project

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