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A theatrical experience for sighted and non-sighted audiences using song, sound and the collective imagination.
Join us for next stage of our R&D:
Snape Maltings, August 2020.

Indus is a intimate new work & unique approach to integrated access using electronic music, live drawing, audio description and the operatic voice.


It explores the relationship between disability and environment through the unlikely story of whale evolution.

When a land-mammal begins to first explore the water, she finds a place where her differences become strengths, embarking on a journey of self-discovery towards an extraordinary future.

In a cocoon-like sound word of soft electronic textures & song, live drawing reacts with storytelling (audio description), leaving space for the imagination and creating a powerful and equal experience for visually impaired and sighted audiences.

Influenced by the theatre making of Tim Crouch (Adler and Gib), Simon McBurney (The En- counter) and Meredith Monk. A team of opera/theatre makers join visually impaired singer Beth- an Langford to reexamine the relationship between stage and sound, text, drawing and representation.

Indus was initially developed as part of the National Opera Studio’s 12:40 directed by David Sulkin.


Performer/Lead Artist — Bethan Langford

Writer/Director — Ruth Mariner

Composer — Laura Bowler

'Indus' plays at 03:00

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