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A site specific performance created for The Horniman Museum.

Horniman Museum 2016

'Feet' was a site specific performance created for the Horniman Museums Halloween 'Lates' series, on he theme of 'magic'. The performance explored the fascinating practices of old-english 'cunning folk', who believed that keeping the foot of a bird in a pocket could ward off tired legs when working in the fields.

Composed for tape and soprano, the piece wound together the sounds of the Horniman's handling collection, including the 'pigeon whistle' — a set of specially designed pan-pipes to be played by a pigeon's wings.

Composer — Oliver Leith

Writer/Director — Ruth Mariner

Design — Jo Wright

'There's great value in bringing museum objects to life and Gestalt Arts are doing it brilliantly.'

                                                                                 — Edward Dickenson, School's Learning Officer, Horniman Museum

'A finely crafted performance full of humour and pathos.'

                                                                                 — Christopher Cowell, Head of Drama, Royal Academy of Music

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